Your dashboard houses all your conversion vitals, summed up at a glance by your RAMMP score
If you see the color purple, it means your conversion prospects are optimal— " The Eagle has landed!" If you see a sea of orange, there's some tactical course correcting need. Read the tips to find out more.

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Objective insights pinpoint hidden conversion killers subverting your chances of success and causing expensive leaks in your funnel. Our award-winning dashboards are your gateway to knowing exactly what to do next to improve your marketing ROI


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Google Analytics

Import data directly from Google Analytics GA4
HubSpot, Salesforce, Mixpanel

Set up views inside Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Mixpanel, or your current marketing tech to collect data

Type your stats directly to RAMMP
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The Six Conversion Killers

That undermines marketing effectiveness 

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