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Reduce pre-conversion churn and create predictable and effective customer acquisition for your B2B or B2C brand

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This process is invaluable, it clearly helps you identify and prioritise where your most significant opportunities to improve conversion and engagement i.e., and gives you a plan for getting there.

Richard McLeod, CEO, LoadedReports


It was one of those ‘aha!’ moments…it is a continuous point of reference for us that keeps giving value. It cuts straight to the point. It removed our business jargon and helped us re-focus our vision and value-add.

Elise Hunter, Head of Marketing, Writer’s Toolbox


RAMMP has given us confidence to make decisions and try things that we would have been hesitant to change. Regular check-ins set us up well to make more of these kinds of decisions moving forward. It has made everything super clear for us.

Jeremy Johnson, CEO, Rocketspar


Instrumental in helping a number of my technology companies to transform the performance of their websites by optimising the customer journey. The RAMMP methodology is a proven, repeatable process that can be applied quickly and delivers fast results.

Chris Ridd, SaaS Business Advisor

simple and digestible

RAMMP broke down the digital go-to-market process into simple and digestible steps, and showed how the typical online customer journey can be worked to target an increase in conversation rates.

Dr. Shaan Cory, Startup Founder

The average B2B conversion rate is 1%. That means 99% of your marketing spend is totally wasted. Are you ready to change that?

We have helped hundreds of high-growth B2B companies achieve exceptional marketing outcomes with confident predictability

The Arrival

Master the art of attraction








How Thnx! created a win-win marketing campaign

The First Impression

Kindle sparks of interest








GoDaddy stays relevant with a decade of new first-impressions

The First Date

Boredom kills romance








NextMinute boosts engagement with 170% less exits

The Honeymoon

Turn intrigue into action








300% more signups for Quipcheck

The Reality

Deliver on the promise








Simple UX change drives 138% MRR increase

The Moment of Truth

Are you unforgettable?








Grammarly's sophisticated way of reminding you they are awesome!

RAMMP uses the patented ADORE Process™ to diagnose areas in your customer journey that are causing pre-conversion churn. RAMMP.AI provides you with a system to generate high-quality fixes at speed.






Who would not want to be adored? The ADORE Process™ is scientifically proven way to capture hearts

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Solve the mystery of "How do I AI?"

RAMMP Diagnostics identify the exact moment your potential customers are losing interest in your brand. RAMMP.AI custom bots and prompts give you a simple way to create the right fixes at speed.

You have heard of chatGPT. You know you need to use AI. The question is “how on earth do I do that”?


Eliminate the frustration and guesswork of unpredictable customer acquisition.


RAMMP’s diagnostic identifies the areas in your customer journey that present the biggest opportunities for wins.

The FREE starter gives you a glimpse into how the RAMMP system converts Google Analytics data into behavioural insights.


Start with the RAMMP diagnostic to reveal your biggest focus areas. Access sophisticated prompts designed for expertly trained RAMMP.AI bot. 

RAMMP.AI bot and prompts are updated each month, ensuring you are always a step ahead.

from $357/month

When you are ready, create a custom bot and accelerate your marketing effectiveness. Your custom bot can be used by everyone on your team.

Team solutions can be extended with team training and creation of bespoke prompt packs that will add years of experience and degrees of efficiency to your team.

Run a free RAMMP diagnostic and take your first step towards reducing the leaks in your funnel causing pre-conversion churn



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Create a content calendar in 60mins

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Develop an eBook lead magnet in 60mins 

Remote workshop (Zoom)
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Create a marketing strategy in 60mins

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Content creation mastery with RAMMP.AI

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