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“I always thought that relationships were magic, and you either got lucky or you did not.” That’s what Rammp CEO Anna Harrison believed growing up. Then she saw an article in the New York Times titled To fall in love with anyone, do this.





Delving into the underlying research by a team at Columbia University on the science behind how meaningful relationships are manifested, Anna wondered “Wow. If this works for love can I apply it to business and brands?”


Fast forward a decade, a groundbreaking book, and the birth of the patented ADORE Process™, a relationship can gain velocity in a digital world.

When Anna set about wooing a partner to help turn the idea into a dynamic tool brands could adopt, RAMMP Co-Founder Steve White was intrigued by the technology.

As a lifelong athlete and entrepreneur, Steve’s core belief was that if you break things down into clear accomplishable steps, you can problem-solve anything. Like helping optimise conversion rates and marketing spend.

“We could have built something that adds to the cost of advertising or marketing. Instead, we built something that frees businesses from the tyranny of escalating ad costs”

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RAMMP team

RAMMP Anna Harrison


Anna Harrison

Anna specialises in optimising tech products for performance, marketability, acquisition and venture funding. University medal winner and IT Hons graduate Anna spent the first part of her career riding the high of the .com wave in the UK and USA, designing products that people love, working with startups and Fortune 500 companies like Tiny, IBM, WordPress, RMIT, Oracle, TravelersBox and NZTE. Anna completed a PhD in experience design, has spoken at conferences around the world and continues to write and share knowledge about product design and user experience. Her latest book, Digital Brand Romance describes the ADORE Process™, the basis for RAMMP’s patented AI engine.

RAMMP Steve White


Steve White

Steve is a consummate explorer and entrepreneur, always curious to find better ways and to explore new horizons. Growing up in remote northern Australia, Steve’s inquisitive nature led him to become one of Australia's more experienced Indigenous and land-based negotiators. Steve has invested in and contributed to businesses in a multitude of sectors including resources, technology, and property and continues to support and mentor founders and colleagues establishing new businesses. Steve excels in seeing the future before it is here and structuring deals to support that vision. At RAMMP, Steve leads partner relationships.

RAMMP Michelle Hermans


Michelle Hermans

Michelle’s Chief of Staff role was fast-tracked when we identified her strong personal traits around organisational skills, research capability, attention to detail, ability to herd cats, and upbeat personality. Michelle’s extensive background in executive assistant and personal assistant roles at high levels in government and commerce, combined with strong policy development experience and a huge heart for volunteer work means that she is perfectly suited to support and autocorrect the RAMMP team on a day-to-day basis. Her engaging personality, stylish manner and can-do attitude keep the vibrancy levels in the office at constant highs!

RAMMP Peter Ward


Peter Ward

Peter is an entrepreneurial business leader that has proven experience in unlocking organisational value. This deep understanding of how to accelerate growth has been recognised with winning the Australian Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018 and being a finalist for the Pearcey Award for entrepreneurial ICT achievement and contribution. Peter’s business and Board experience is demonstrated through building and exiting three of his own businesses, providing advisory services to multiple start-ups as well as leading the ASX-listed MOQ Limited (ASX:MOQ).


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